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What We're All About

Why We Improv

We unconventionally help individuals be heard and respected in the community, business, and life. We also love to make people laugh...of course. We've been achieving these goals since 2015.

Bringing Fun to Our Fellow Hümans

Educating students at local high schools and colleges like Nova Southeastern University, entertaining thousands with those such as Trevor Noah, and training corporate to openly communicate and create, we love what we do!

Giving Back with Laughter

This Is Improv volunteers our time to the community.  We support the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation by providing workshops.  We also volunteer with the Dan Marino Foundation by working with families who have kids with autism.

Female Founded

Seriously Funny Sisters

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Angelica Zadak

Co-Founder | Lead Writer

Angelica Zadak is a nerd who has loved improv for over a decade. Angelica founded This Is Improv in 2015 while finishing her B.A. in Humanities and Theatre. After completing her B.A., Angelica spent her summers in the Second City, Chicago Training Center learning Improv and Sketch. In 2021, Angelica completed her M.A. in Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media with a focus on improv research. No matter how hard Angelica tries, she cannot stop learning about improv.

Angelica's passion is in helping people use improv as a skill in business and life. Angelica, always shy, enjoys showing others how to use improv as a powerful stress management tool. She also uses her experience in corporate to connect to business leaders with improv workshops which amplify their team's effectiveness and efficiency through creative means.

If you want to learn more about Angelica's personality, you need only look at some of the sketches she's written such as Elves are Real!, She Went Too Far (A D&D Sketch), and Living in My Closet.

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Alexandra Zadak

Co-Founder | Lead Director

Alexandra Zadak is a comedic queen. She co-founded This Is Improv while earning her B.A. in Theatre. While earning her B.A., she would spend her summers in The Second City, Chicago Training Center taking Improv courses. She loves creating bold and original characters.

Alexandra's passion for improv made her want to share what she knows with others. Alexandra teaches a variety of kids, teens, and adult courses. She especially enjoys teaching businesses the power of play.

If you want to learn more about Alexandra's personality, you need only watch her sketches which include Debbie's Corn Hole, ConspiraSisters, and How to be a Proper Lady.

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